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Your Man Reminder App

Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada has released the Your Man Reminder App, a smartphone application using hot guys to remind women to stay on top of their breast health. “Our experience is that many young women are not aware of their risk for breast cancer,” said MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director, Rethink Breast Cancer. “The use of ‘hot guys’ as a reminder for women to be breast aware is actually a great way for them to learn about breast health in a non-scary way. The idea behind our education initiatives is to break through the information clutter and remind women to know their bodies and be proactive in protecting them.”

Rethink Breast Cancer is promoting the Your Man Reminder with a commercial featuring topless men.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

The Your Man Reminder App allows users to choose one of six men: the superstar athlete, the boy next door, the smooth heart breaker, the perfectly put together preppie, the rugged blue-collar guy or the successful businessman. Customization includes the guy’s pose and the frequency of his reminders. Messages include “Any guy would be lucky to have you” and “Give your breasts some TLC.” The Man Your Reminder app includes a special “signs and symptoms” tab to hone in on the importance of early detection, and provides a variety of scheduling options such as doctors’ appointments. The app’s Facebook sharing capabilities allows users to proudly announce when they’ve taken their breasts into their own hands and which sexy man from the App motivated them to check. The app can be downloaded free from iTunes and will be available in Android on October 17.
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