As a nonprofit working to promote real and lasting change, IMPACT is everything.

We can help get your issues and solutions in front of the PEOPLE who matter most.

We help people adopt BEHAVIORS that will make them healthier and happier.

We create positive social CHANGE.

We UNDERSTAND the complexities involved in addressing health behaviors and social issues.

What We Believe

Committed to positive change!

Here at Impact Communication we believe that every individual and organisation has the potential to be an agent for positive change. We also believe in the power of communication to bring about social or environmental change. Our experience has shown us that the most effective way for organisations like yours to communicate is through sustainable communication. Sustainable communication is about making the best possible use of people and money to deliver maximum impact from minimum resource. It is the perfect approach to take if your organisation cares about people, is concerned about climate change and wants to get the best possible return for your investment.

If your organisation is working to bring about positive change in the world, you may want to consider how Impact Communication can help you to communicate in a way that has a positive and lasting impact.

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