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Who We Are

Committed to positive change!

Impact communication is a service proving company engaged in bringing about meaningful change in the society. It supports clients through the overall designing and execution of their communication programs and campaigns as well as through the development of isolated informational and promotional materials, collaterals and publications. The company does high-quality graphic designing, web designing, video and radio production, interactive designs, and other materials.

The mission of Impact Communication is to bring about an effective social impact through well planned and well executed strategic communication. Its goal is to become the most trusted communication consulting and implementing firm in the country that develops communication campaigns with the utmost social impact. For the achievement of this goal, Impact Communication uses well researched and proven communication approaches that are contingent on the issue in focus and its context. It is a company that is result oriented and gives due emphasis to the social impact brought about by its communication. In order to attain the desired social impact, the company carries out different researches on various social issues. It also creates partnerships with different organizations working for social betterment and supports them with their communication and material production activities from planning to execution. The most important thing in the business of Impact Communication is making the utmost social impact in the betterment of the community.


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