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UNICEF and Dulux Own a Colour

UNICEF and Dulux are running “Own a Colour”, a web site ( opened for business in September to raise money for vulnerable children across the globe. The site lets you buy and name your own personal colour from a choice of over 16.7 million shades for a minimum donation of just £1 per colour. All money raised goes towards UNICEF’s work for children.
One happy customer is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore. “I am the proud new owner of a shade of blue, which I have named Swedish Blue”, said Sir Roger. “It is the colour of the Swedish flag, the homeland of my very wonderful and very beautiful wife, Kristina, and not far off the cyan blue that represents UNICEF. Both Kristina and UNICEF are extremely close to my heart.”
Click on the image below to play the Ryan video in YouTube (HD)
You might want to choose a colour that’s trending, a colour near to one recently purchased by a celebrity supporter, or simply your favourite colour. Either way, once you’ve selected a colour, it takes just a few minutes to register and make a donation. Then you can tell friends and family all about it through Facebook and Twitter (#OwnAColour).
Own a Colour is powered by Dulux, who have already helped to improve the living environment of many people across the world through their Let’s Colour programme. “Right now millions of children are failing to receive adequate healthcare, clean water or an education. Said David O’Brien, Global Innovation Director at Dulux. “Our team is pleased to be involved with developing this unique project.”

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