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Project 0 Views: A video we should stop seeing

Amnesty International Uruguay is running “Project 0 Views“, a campaign designed to raise awareness of the violation of rights experienced by many women at the moment of birth. The campaign features a video shown from the perspective of a woman in hospital, surrounded by professionals who push her into procedures without regard for her rights. The site, (, features a regressive view-counter, started at 44000 views, the same number as yearly births in Uruguay. Each time someone sees the full video, the counter loses 1 view. Amnesty International Uruguay is aiming at getting down to 0. The site includes a declaration of principles and a list of rights of women in association with reproductive health.
The Project Cero was developed at Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo.
Filming was produced at La Jolla Films, Montevideo, by director Gabriel Bossio, executive producers Pablo Figueroa and Mauricio Bonari, along with Gonzalo Torrens, Ximena Ferreira, Fernanda Rodríguez, Lucía Moerzinger, Alejandro Rocchi, Aníbal Iváñez, Leonardo Barzegui, Valerio Jardim, Sofía Arocena,Valentina Pérez, Claudia González Fulladosa, Andrés Pérez and Analia Perezvila.
The site was developed at Pinky!

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