As a nonprofit working to promote real and lasting change, IMPACT is everything.

We can help get your issues and solutions in front of the PEOPLE who matter most.

We help people adopt BEHAVIORS that will make them healthier and happier.

We create positive social CHANGE.

We UNDERSTAND the complexities involved in addressing health behaviors and social issues.

Commited To Positive Change!

To change attitudes or behaviors, to move practice or policy, you need to connect with the people and groups that matter. You need, to put it simply, to communicate. That’s why Impact Communication crafts dynamic campaigns, plans, tools, and materials that help nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies find compelling points of contact with their most important audiences, stakeholders, and communities.

We collaborate with our clients to develop breakthrough insights, strategies, and tactics that engage and inspire, that connect and communicate, that ultimately make a lasting social impact.

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